Off The Beaten Path

Try Someplace Different

Here are some of the other destinations that didn’t make the Top 10 list, but which we have found offer honeymooners a truly once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience. These destinations may require a little more time to get to, or a little more effort to uncover the treasure that awaits you, but you will be more than rewarded. We are here to help arrange every detail to be sure you get everything these unique destinations have to offer. If straying from the beaten path appeals to you, check with us to be sure you are getting the destination, resorts and itinerary that are right for both of you.




Honeymoon Season: Year Round

$15,000 – $25,000 per couple (14 days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Saxon, Oyster Box, Twelve Appostles, Ellerman House, Singita Lebombo, Singita Boulders, Maritaba, Phinda Rock

South Africa is blessed with spectacular scenery and natural landscapes – mountain peaks and passes, dense and ancient forests, miles of unspoiled coastline, rivers to sooth or thrill you, and rolling flower fields and grasslands of every hue. Places to inspire you, places to explore or to simply revel in the joyous gift of nature. Wine regions stretch from the western to the northern Cape and the edge of the Karoo you can almost taste your way around South Africa. Sample at well-known estates or seek out little-known gems. Where there’s fabulous wine, great food is never far behind. Oenophiles, gastronomes and sybarites – don’t miss South Africa’s winelands. At award-winning safari lodges in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape, the bush equals bliss. Luxury, impeccable service and cuisine, soothing spas and superlative wildlife encounters add up to safari adventures that will exceed your wildest expectations. Where else can you sail beside a whale, go eye-to-eye with wild tiger sharks, cage-dive with great whites, be charmed by urban penguins, snorkel beside whale sharks and be entranced on a moonlit beach as new-born turtle hatchlings make their bid for life in the ocean? Experience cultural interactions that are real and inspiring. Whether you spend a day in a Zulu village or a city township; a week in a Xhosa household or escape to a typical South African farm, you’ll find South Africans are friendly and their day-to-day lifestyles and customs accessible. Short or long stay – you’re welcome!

Beautiful weather, spectacular locations, awesome scenery, and record-breaking, mega-thrill adventure mixed in – that’s why South Africa earned the title the Adventure Capital of the World.From traditional comfort food to Michelin-star dining; a hearty shebeen buffet or a gourmet banquet beneath a star-strewn African sky, let your taste buds take you on a journey of discovery with mouth-watering South African soul food. After all this adventure Relax and rejuvenate the South African way. Cocoon yourself in calming treatments and soothing therapies. Scented traditional balms made with indigenous oils and ingredients will have you stress-free and feeling like African royalty in no time.


Honeymoon Season: November To April

$7,000 – $10,000 per couple (10 days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Vina Vik, Alto Atacama, Singular Patagonia, Singular Santiago, Tierra Patagonia

Chile is a long, narrow country that extends from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean on the southwest side of South America, from latitude 17° 30′ S in the Altiplano to 56° 30′ S at the far end of continental Chile and 90° S in its Antarctic territory. Chile has a unique geography: its territory includes Easter Island, in Polynesia, 3,700 km from the mainland, as well as territory in Antarctica (Chile Antártico, 1,250,000 km2). Continental and insular Chile, which includes the mainland and offshore islands and archipelagos, covers 756,096 km2. Chile’s main territory is roughly twice the size of Germany and consists of a strip of land 4,200 km long and 90 to 440 km wide. In the far south, the land is transected by hundreds of islands and fjords. Chile is as as long and the US is wide.

We love chile for the Contrasting attractions it offers. The desert, stargazing, volcanoes, beaches, adventure sports, wine country, Patagonia, glaciers, fjords, lakes, waterfalls, nature, wildlife, culture, and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Santiago. Imagine a two week honeymoon getting snippets of each in one vacation. This honeymoon is definitely for those who want to get out there and be very active while on their honeymoon.


Honeymoon Season: November To June

$6000 – $7000 per couple (8 days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Mukul, Captain Morgans Retreat

Tourism in Nicaragua is growing at 10% to 12% annually. Couples visit for the beauty and richness the country has to offer. With growing eco-tourism, world class beaches, colonial cities, nightlife and reasonable prices, Nicaragua is experiencing an increasing number of tourists from around the world. There is much to see and do in Nicaragua, and it is still a budget travel paradise. The tourist infrastructure has kept pace with this growth and visitors will find a variety of attractions, accommodations and restaurants to fit different plans and lifestyles.

Couples can visit varied areas across the country: the majestic colonial cities of Granada and Leon, the island of Ometepe and the Mombacho volcano for hiking and nature exploration , the mountainous coffee farm region of Matagalpa, the dazzling surf beaches of the Pacific Coast, and in the the isolated and mostly undiscovered Caribbean coast and the Corn Islands (Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island) which lie close offshore. The Rio San Juan area (the largest rain forest north of the Amazon) is a rapidly expanding eco tourist destination and its biodiversity is a magnet for nature loving tourists. Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo at Boca de Sabalos is an important bird area and a wildlife refuge along with the Indio-Maiz national reserve. Additionally, Rio San Juan is a great place for sport fishing with world class and record breaking Tarpon fishing. Nicaragua is the next Costa Rica, so get in on the ground floor before this paradise becomes mainstream. One of Jim’s personal favorite resorts (in his top ten list) is Mukul, “ I truly was blown away by the setting, the service, the food, the beach, the spa, everything about this place screams honeymoon”.


Honeymoon Season: May to September

$8,500 – $12,000 per couple (12 days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Uma Ubud, St.Regis, Bulgari, Como Shambhala Estate

With its pounding surf, emerald-green rice terraces and exceptionally artistic culture, the small volcanic island of Bali – population 3.1 million and the only Hindu society in Southeast Asia – has long been Indonesia’s premier tourist destination. Although it suffers the predictable problems of congestion and commercialization, Bali’s original charm is still much in evidence, its distinctive temples and elaborate festivals set off by the mountainous, river-rich landscape of the interior.

The culture of Bali is unique. People say that the Balinese people have reached self-content. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. This is still reflected in days to day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces. The Balinese are skilled artisans, particularly in woodcarving and in fashioning objects of tortoiseshell and of gold, silver and other metals. They are also noted for their traditional dance, the distinctive music of the gamelan and for their skills in weaving cloth of gold and silver threads, Songket, as well as for embroidering silk and cotton clothing. Stone and woodcarvings, traditional and modern paintings and intricately designed jewelry in gold and silver are readily available in shops and galleries throughout the island.
As for recreation, there is no shortage of options. Nature walks, horseback riding, diving, surfing – even bungee jumping and whitewater rafting – await the adventurous here.


Honeymoon Season: Year Round

$ 10,000 – $15,000 per couple (10 – 12 Days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Six Sense Laamau, Como Malifushi, Gili Lankanfushi, Cocoa Island

This archipelago necklace of islands in the Indian Ocean contends for the title of balmy perfection: transparent lagoons, coral reefs, sand like talcum powder. And no newspapers. The islands boast rich cultural traditions, a history of kings and queens, pageants, feasts and festivals, their own language and script. Of the more than 1,000 islands, 74 are given over to private-island resorts.

With a phenomenal amount of marine life, underwater visibility of up to 200 feet, and perfect conditions throughout the year, the Maldives have some of the finest diving and snorkeling anywhere. Fishing here offers the challenges of big game fishing or the relaxation of trolling and night fishing. While there’s an abundance of available sports activities and excursions to choose from, don’t be surprised if you forego them to simply relax under a palm tree at the beach by day, and unwind under the stars on the open air deck at the bar by night!

Resorts are private, built on uninhabited islands, each with its own amenities and facilities. High-rises are unknown here, and most guest rooms are beachfront. The Maldives are for that special couple seeking a seriously one-of-a-kind, off-the-beaten path honeymoon, given the 22 hours it takes to fly here from the east coast. Plan to stay at least 10-12 days if you want to truly experience the magic of the Maldives! We also recommend a stopover in your connection point which typically would be Dubai for east coasters.


Honeymoon Season: May – December

$11,000 – $16,000 per couple (14 -16 Days)

Our personal favorites:

Qualia, Lizard island, Southern Ocean Lodge, Thala, Shangri La Sydney

The same size as the U.S, Australia is just as, if not more diverse than the US. – from the tropical rainforest region in the north, the kangaroos and koalas of the Northern territory, the world’s largest coral reef system, the Outback territory with its rugged terrain and wildlife, to the Cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll want to see it all.

You will be exposed to a different way of life and have many new experiences here. This is a once in a lifetime vacation spot, so if you believe, as we do, that “your honeymoon is supposed to be the trip of your lifetime” this definitely fits the bill!

Australians have always welcomed Americans and you’ll feel this everywhere you go. You do have to plan properly in order to make the best of your honeymoon in Australia. You need at least 2 weeks to feel like you experienced everything it has to offer. The winter months are the best time to go to Australia. Right now, the U.S. dollar is very strong in Australia, so it’s also a very good value for honeymooners. Be prepared for an 18-hour flight from Los Angeles.

You will have a full range of accommodations to choose from, including luxurious five star resorts in the large cities, private island retreats on the Great Barrier Reef, and secluded hideaways in the middle of the rainforest.


Honeymoon Season: June – October

$4,500 – $6,500 per couple (8 -10 Days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Mata Chica, Kaana, Blancaneaux Lodge

No place in Central America offers the diversity in tropical experiences or ancient civilizations that you will find in Belize. Take off your tie, leave your pumps and high heels in the closet, and pack your swimsuit and broad-brimmed hat. Life here is casual and rewards the adventurous with glimpses of nature’s true extravagance.

Formerly known as British Honduras, this Massachusetts-sized land is devoid of shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, high-rise resorts or fast-paced nightlife. In 8 days, you’ll easily sample Belize’s several “worlds”. The offshore islands hold the wonders of the world’s second largest barrier reef – a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers, and white sandy beaches to relax on. The mainland offers miles of jungles, mountains and rivers, sheltering exotic tropical wildlife. Don’t miss the historical treasures of ancient Mayan ruins and temples!

The resorts offer everything from retreats under the canopy of the rainforest on the mainland, to your own palm-fringed private island beach resort. Many of the resorts have only 15-30 rooms, so they are small and intimate, typically with huts right on the beach instead of standard hotel accommodations. The resorts feature locally crafted handiwork, so you’ll absorb the flavor of Belize wherever you look.
Honeymooners are welcomed here because you share the native wonder for this off-the-beaten path paradise!



Honeymoon Season: May – October

$10,000 – $14,000 per couple (12 – 14 Days)

Our Personal Favorites:

Maia Resort, North Island , Fregate Private island protected status to preserve their natural state. Here you’ll find rare birds and vegetation, plus abundantly lush bougainvilleas, frangipani and orchids.

A group of over 100 non-volcanic islands comprised of coral atolls and granite tipped peaks. Protected for centuries by their sheer remoteness. The culture is a rich blend of African, Indian, Chinese, French and British influences which you’ll taste in the local cuisine. Curries and fresh fish are specialties, and spices are important – cinnamon is a major export crop!

The atmosphere is balmy and relaxed, the beaches are idyllic, and the waters are known for their game fishing, dolphin, tropical fish and coral. The clear waters have visibility extending 150 feet, averaging 78 degrees with more than 300 species of fish and 250 types of coral. Giant tortoises do well here, with a population five times larger than found in the Galapagos.

Here you’ll spend your days coral reef diving – fish are unafraid of humans, sailing, deep sea fishing, bird watching during migration periods (September – December), island hopping, and exploring the beaches. Choose from private island resort accommodations offering impeccable service and gourmet cuisine.