All-Inclusive Resorts

Why You May Want To Go All-Inclusive

All-Inclusives offer the simplicity of paying one price for 95% of your honeymoon upfront – the lodging, food, alcohol, taxes, tips, sports, and activities are all included. You can move from one activity to the next without pulling out your wallet and without leaving the resort.

But not every resort and not every island fits every couple’s taste. There are low-end, mid-range and deluxe all-inclusive resorts. They range from the small all-inclusive resorts with maybe 10-50 quaint cottages with 1-2 restaurants and 1 bar, to mid-size resorts that are more lively, having 100-300 rooms, suites and cottages, perhaps 3-5 restaurants, and 2-3 bars. The very large resorts may have 500+ rooms, 9-10 restaurants, with 7-8 bars, and lots of activity 24/7. It is very important to select carefully so you know what to expect..

Contrary to what most couples may think, most of the world’s destinations have no all-inclusive resorts. In fact, Europe, Asia, South America, the U.S.A, and Australia have almost none. This concept is found in a very limited number of locations. This is because they are most abundant where there are long-standing hotels, inns, quaint restaurants, museums, outdoor cafes, bistros, legendary restaurants, and nightlife. Couples that go to these destinations relish the idea of discovering the range of culture and diversity that is typical of the area. If you are the exploring type, an all-inclusive package may leave you feeling stifled.

Most of the world’s all-inclusives are found in Mexico, the Caribbean, with a few in Costa Rica, Tahiti and Thailand. All-inclusives are also found on islands in the Seychelles, Maldives and Fiji where the resort is typically the only facility on that island. Australia has three to five (all on their own island on the Great Barrier Reef), South America has a handful as well as South Africa and of course there are a few here in the U.S.

The following resorts are among our personal favorites and ones that we have a great relationship with and have traveled to many times. The couples we have sent there have also been very pleased. If you’d like to know if this is the right option for the two of you, let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your tastes, budget, and style so we can determine which all-inclusive would be your best choice, or if an all-inclusive is even the right choice for the two of you.