The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands

Posted by Gretchen Macknight in Around The World 26 Mar 2017

“Fifteen droplets of land cast across 2 million sq km of wild Pacific blue,
the Cook Islands are simultaneously remote and accessible, modern and traditional.”

Thank you to the Lonely Planet for describing these little specs of paradise so perfectly!



Often overshadowed by the popularity of her sister islands in the pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti & Fiji; but when off the beaten path is exactly the path you are looking for, The Cooks Island just might be perfect for you.


Here’s what you have to know in a coconut shell:

  • There is only 1 non-stop flight from Los Angeles a week and it leaves on a Saturday night, arrival on Sunday morning early
  • There is only one non-stop return to Los Angeles and it is on a Friday night, arrival Saturday afternoon.
  • So all in = 7 nights away = 5 nights / 6 full days of your getaway or 14 nights away = 12 nights accommodations (unless other destinations are involved)
  • The Cooks are in the same time zone as Hawaii and an easy 10 hours from Los Angeles.
An affordable south pacific airline seat too! Coach from LAX right now in August is only $850pp. Air New Zealand even has a true Premium Economy class that is only $1610pp. If you are more about investing your vacation dollars enjoying yourself on vacation rather than what is costs to get there, those air fares should be music to your ears! 12 nights in nice, mid-range accommodations with coach air starts at about 8k and go up from there. Yes, that is total for two!


The Cooks have all the pretty water that Tahiti and Fiji do but offers more to do on your own because of the ease of leaving property and exploring on your own. For that reason, the Cooks offer no all-inclusive resorts because there are so many wonderful restaurants and cafes to enjoy off your selected property. The currency used is the New Zealand dollar, so you’ll find this destination also to be a great value against the US dollar. Breakfast comes included at most properties so you’ll be off to a great start every morning! Grab a car on Rarotonga, the bigger and more populated island and then for fun rent a scooter on Aitutaki, the quieter, smaller island with a very casual yet upscale vibe. The scooter will run you about $25 a day and totally worth it.


For our couples in love and looking to get married but are a bit overwhelmed at some of the requirements…This is also a great place to say I do! Getting married here is an easy process that doesn’t require more than the expected birth certificate and proof that you are not already married. You’ll be able to find perfect beach locations with amazing sunsets for your dreamy toes in the sand wedding or if your wedding day is to be a more formal affair, they can handle that too!


We have wonderful relationships with many properties here in the Cooks. The pictures I’ve included are of the Pacific Resort Aitutaki. A special gem, perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway. In addition to wonderful friendly service, gorgeous bungalows yummy dining options and a commanding beachfront location, our guests will also be treated additionally to exclusive amenities such as:


  • NZ$100 Spa Treatment credit, per room, per stay
  • Welcome Gift
  • Upgrades
  • Early Check-In
  • Late Check-Out

The Cook Islands just might be the perfect balance of quiet and secluded, playful & inviting. Stay on property and relax or leave property and explore. Dive, snorkel, paddle board, fish, float, swim or glide over the bluest of water. If you can do it in the water, under the water or around the water, chances are you’ll find it in the Cooks!

Want to know more? Please give me a call anytime. I’d love to share these little specs of paradise with you!


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