The Beautiful Anguilla Resort From “The Bachelor”

The Beautiful Anguilla Resort From “The Bachelor”

Posted by Jim Augerinos in Around The World 21 Feb 2011

Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s romantic hideaways tucked away in the British West Indies. A beach lovers paradise with sand so white and water so blue it almost seems surreal. No cruise shops, fast food restaurants, casino’s or strip malls. This island has not succumbed to becoming overly commercialized adding more to its charm as a perfect honeymoon or vacation destination. Locally owned businesses are also a great sign ensuring the locals directly benefit from tourism and then in turn take very good care of visitors. I vividly remember my first trip there over 10 years ago and I was hesitant to tell others about it are that good.

I wondered how long this would stay my little secret, and for know the cat is out of the bag. ABC’s hit show the Bachelor decided to let the whole world in on the secret that is Anguilla on Valentine’s Day with a 2 hour episode taking place on the island. They managed to showcase everything that is wonderful about the island. Cliff jumping at little bay, dinning on a private island, beach side candlelit dinners under the moon light, the great local music scene at the dune preserve, and most of all the warmth and hospitality of the Anguillan people.

The host resort for the Bachelor was the opulent Cuisinart Resort and Spa considered by many to in the top ten of best resorts in the Caribbean. The architecture more Greek island inspired than Caribbean blends well with the turquoise water. The resort boasts the only Greenhouse in the entire Caribbean that supplies hydroponic Spices, vegetables, and fruits for the delicious cuisine the kitchen prepares. They don’t joke around here about food and wine as they recently added a wine cellar with tastings and have a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes ala Iron Chef America. And last but not least the Spa (which was enlarged 2 years ago) is the best on the island. They do everything from outdoor couple’s massages on the beach to a warm seashell massage. They also have a full array of yoga and Pilates classes etc should you decide to be good on your vacation. So all in all this resort boasts pretty much everything a vacationer could want from a tropical island getaway. Hey, the bachelor doesn’t take his potential bride to be to just any ole place right?