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Phinda Rock Lodge, South Africa

Phinda Rock Lodge, South Africa is an enchanting and colourful park nestled in at the confluence of seven entirely distinct ecosystems – home to 23 000 hectares of exclusive, lodge-bearing natural habitat. The reserve itself is crammed into the rich land lying between the Mkuze Game Reserve and the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park (a World Heritage Site), as well as being within a sea mist’s reach of the Indian Ocean coastline. This yields an amazing rainfall pattern, producing conditions perfect for lush, grassy woodland scenes, broad, sweeping mountain ranges with impressive coverage, and some of the most exciting marine wildlife you’re likely to spot anywhere.

Phinda Rock Lodge – set into the face of a craggy cliff, and claiming as its view Leopard Lodge and the expanse of gritty, gorgeous veld that surrounds it, this luxury getaway is a mashing together of styles, architecture, and cultural influences. An intimate marvel, hovering over the valley below, Phinda Rock Lodge prides itself on treating guests like family. Architecturally, Phinda Rock Lodge is constructed in a combination of Malian and pueblo styles, guests regularly taking to the nearby Mzinene River in canoes, on the riverboat, or into the nearby deep seas for a bout of fishing.

Phinda Rock lodge is a holistic and exciting safari experience – from al fresco bathing, to air safaris, or simple, quiet evenings spent around the campfire – Phinda is the ultimate safari experience.