Picture Postcard Perfect in Bora Bora

Picture Postcard Perfect in Bora Bora

Posted by Steve Macknight in Around The World, Our Travels 30 Dec 2018

You know that postcard pretty picture of Bora Bora from your over water bungalow? That I want to feel like I’m in Tahiti feeling? Can I please just get from my deck into that water? The Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora Resort & Spa is exactly the right place for all of this, and so much more. It is the perfect blend of modern amenities, beautiful bungalows, great service and food, and a great Polynesian feel. My Diamond Overwater Villa was large – about 1100 square feet – and oh so comfortable. Bathrooms are spacious, nice tub overlooking the lagoon, double vanities, great shower, walk-in closet. The king-bed overlooking the lagoon (Or Mt. Otemanu in higher categories) was perfect. The large living room leads to a great veranda, with easy access to the best water on the planet. We ate at every restaurant. Sands and The Reef were very good – try the Signature burger, with Emmental Cheese, yum! For fine, French dining, Le Corail was excellent. Three kinds of butter, why not! “Pre-Dessert” – of course! All accommodations are over-water, aside from the transit/day rooms. They range from amazing – Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Diamond Otemanu are the same layout –  price varies by view. Up from there are the pool and premium pool villas. At the top end are the four Brando Suites, 1 or 2 bedrooms, pool, and just plain stunning. Quite simply, this the best over-water bungalow product in Bora Bora. There is an all-inclusive option for Brando Suites guests. I’ve been lucky enough to experience every hotel in Bora, and the Intercontinental Thalasso remains my personal favorite. Thanks to Charles and his entire team for an amazing 48 hours!

I did a great 4×4 excursion around the main island of Bora Bora as well. It’s not 4×4 as in you drive, but it was very fun, and very educational. We visited a couple of sites built in World War II by the U.S. Military, with cannons still intact. Did you know the first airport in all of French Polynesia was built in Bora Bora, also by the US Military? One of my uncles served there in the early 40s. Our driver/guide, Django, was very knowledgeable and extremely entertaining. He loves and is very proud of his island home.

We followed that with a few hours speed-boating around and outside of the lagoon. 50 shades of blue! It’s simply amazing to be on and in that water, and meeting eels, sting-rays, sharks, up close and personal. There were only a couple of sharks in the clearer, shallower water, so our captain decided to take us to deep water, where we swam and snorkeled with 8-10 foot lemon sharks. Apparently, they’re more afraid of humans than we are of them. Sure.

I didn’t have time for lunch at Bloody Mary’s, or dinner at Villa Mahana this trip. I will, however, return again. Bora Bora is hard to explain in print. You just have to go, experience it all.

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