Honeymoon Trends – November 2016

Honeymoon Trends – November 2016

Posted by Meghan Augerinos in In The News 15 Nov 2016

2016 presented a substantial amount of deterrents to travel abroad with the alarming spread of zika and terrorist activities around the world. Even during challenging times and election years, couples are still getting married and there is one niche in travel where love prevails…the honeymoon. This once in a lifetime getaway celebrates their first days as husband and wife and travel consultants are adopting new strategies to accommodate their clients and the latest trends in honeymoon travel.




Honeymoon Trends:

  • Honeymooners are traveling further away with 70% of clients flying 20+hrs to destinations that they may never travel to again
  • The average honeymoon is now 12-14 days vs. 8-10
  • Clients work so much that they feel guilty taking vacation time but are more comfortable justifying a longer honeymoon
  • They no longer want to just relax on a beach. They want plenty of adventure and activities such as zip lining, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, shark cage diving, heli skiing, kite boarding and off-road ATV’s rentals.
  • They seek unique and custom crafted itineraries that offer cultural experiences and seeing things from the local‚Äôs perspective such as visiting local temples and sampling the local cuisine.
  • Most prefer doing activities on their own and not a part of large tour groups.
  • Honeymoon registries increasingly more popular since most couples already live together and do not need or want household items.
  • Honeymoon registries allow the wedding guests to surprise the bride and groom by contributing towards the couple’s experiences while on the honeymoon such as a candlelit dinner on the beach, private scuba diving lessons, couples massages, private boat tours and upgrades for flights to first class or room categories such as an overwater bungalow.
  • They are not interested in renting rooms or houses via airbnb where they have to do everything themselves. They have spent so much of their time planning the wedding that they prefer everything to be taken care of and want the amenities of a full-service resort with onsite restaurants, room service, maid service and access to a concierge.
  • Unique hotel experiences continue to be on the rise. Especially those that feature over water bungalows, tree houses, private plunge pools and outdoor showers.
  • Clients are staying away from name brand chain hotels and prefer boutique properties.