Why Use A Travel Consultant?

Every Trip, A Trip of a Lifetime

When you plan your travel with us, the unimaginable is possible. In addition to our travel expertise, you are given access to a world of benefits unique to your needs. Our mission is to go beyond simply offering extraordinary amenities. We extend benefits that meet your aspirations, personality and tastes. That’s when benefits become benefits that fit you.

Anticipating Your Needs, Because We Care

With the abundance of travel options available in today’s world, it is our first priority to understand your interests and how we can best serve you. We are here to listen and take the time to know you so we can arrange for every moment of your journey to be flawlessly tailored just for you. Whether that translates into delivering a special breakfast to your suite every morning or scheduling a behind-the-scenes tour of your favorite museum, we are here for you.

Benefits of Understanding

We love to surprise with the unexpected extras that can only stem from truly getting to know you.

  • A private concert for the music aficionado
  • Champagne bottled the year you were married for an anniversary dinner
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries and a warm bath awaiting honeymooners in their room

VIP Experiences, Expert Craftsmanship

We have a finger on the pulse of the “latest and greatest.” Benefit from our insider connections. Land a coveted table at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, enjoy front row seats at the Ballet de l’opéra National de Paris or view the splendor of the Amazonian rainforest while staying in a private tree house. You will receive the most exclusive privileges and incredible access every step of the way.

Benefits of Access
As with many things in life, it’s all about who you know. Our relationships put you front and center.

  • Meet a Maharajah at his palace in India
  • See unexhibited ancient treasures at a museum in the country of Georgia
  • Attend a private wine tasting in Spain’s Rioja region
  • Witness a scared puja ceremony at a temple in Bali, typically foreign to visitors

At Your Service, With You All The Way

Because you know that someone is handling the details, you travel with confidence. We are always here to provide advice and support before, during and after your journey. This assurance provides you with the utmost flexibility, allowing you to change course on a whim while we handle all the details.

Benefits of Confidence
Our expertise allows you to dream big and then to relax and enjoy the special moments.

  • Let us manage the minute, but important, details
  • Know that all the moving parts of your vacation are coordinated to perfection
  • Feel assured that you received the very best value

Luxury Stays, Seamless Arrangements

We hand-select the world’s finest accommodations for our collection of over 800 of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and spas. Then the choice is yours, from a five-star cosmopolitan hotel to an intimate safari camp, we’ll help you find the hotel, room and special services that are right for you.

Exclusive Privileges
Receive complimentary benefits when you plan your trip with us. Enjoy complimentary daily breakfast for two, room upgrade if available on arrival, early check-in and late check-out whenever available and any other additional special benefits unique to each property such as $100 food and beverage credit, lunch or dinner for two, a round of golf, a spa treatment, airport transfers and more.

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Why Use A Travel Consultant?

When was the last time you used a travel consultant to plan your vacation? With the emergence of the Internet and online booking engines, many travelers have never used a travel consultant and are unfamiliar with the many benefits of using our services. Today’s time-strapped couples are realizing that in addition to nonstop education, full time careers, and the desire to plan a special wedding and honeymoon, they need and appreciate the help and guidance of a professional travel consultant. Planning a honeymoon can be very time consuming and for most couples finding enough time to sit down together and research hundreds of locations is nearly impossible. There is so much information available online that couples are frustrated, overwhelmed with choices, and have limited means to decipher the good from the bad. Do you want to read endless reviews from strangers or get personal advice and recommendations from a trusted travel consultant? You can think of us as your real life Trip Advisor. We are always travelling the world, seeking the next new honeymoon hotspots or revisiting the classics that never go out of style.

Our travel consultants at Perfect Honeymoons will guide you through a sea of choices, assisting you in making choices for a trip destination that matches your mutual desires. We take time to really get to know our clients and ask a lot of questions to understand what you enjoy and what you are seeking from your vacation experience. Instead of choosing your destination based on a slick website or reviews from strangers, you consult with an experienced Perfect Honeymoons travel advisor. We share our personal expertise to help ensure that you are selecting that one spot that fits both of you perfectly and will be the once in a lifetime experience you desire.

Key Benefits of working with Perfect Honeymoons

There are exceptional benefits to using a travel consultant. Here are the key benefits for travelers wanting to plan the trip of a lifetime:

Personal Experience – At Perfect Honeymoons, our lifetime of experience is your experience of a lifetime. Our travel consultants have over 50 years of expertise in the travel industry and have traveled to over 125 countries. There is no replacement for talking to someone who has actually been there. We pride ourselves on selling destinations that we have personally visited. We recommend hotels that we have stayed in or visited so our clients have peace of mind knowing we put our reputation behind our recommendation. We provide valuable insider tips and advice on such things as hidden beaches, scenic drives, best restaurants and shopping, fun activities and educational tours, as these are experiences we know personally before recommending them to our clients. We want to ensure that our recommendations are in keeping with the standards our clients deserve.

Relationships – We have established thousands of relationships around the world with hotels, cruise lines, airlines, car rental companies, tour guides, and restaurants. We leverage these relationships to get you perks that you would not receive booking the trip yourselves. Trying to get a room last minute in the summer for the Amalfi Coast but it is sold out online? A quick call to the manager of a hotel and most of the time we are able to secure rooms that you would never have access to. We also have connections to get you exclusive access to key attractions not available to the general public such as after hour private views of the Sistine Chapel.

Peace Of Mind – What if something does not go as planned? Airlines have cancellations, Mother Nature stirs up storms. Life Happens! We are just a phone call away; available to answer our client’s questions before, during, and after they travel.. We provide 24/7 support during travel in the unlikely event our clients are in need of special assistance; and of course after the honeymoon to hear all about it and hopefully to start planning your next adventure. We want our clients to relax and have fun knowing we are watching over things throughout the whole process from start to finish.

Cost Savings – Booking with a travel consultant costs no more than booking yourself. When a couple books online or directly, they are just a credit card number and generally will not be offered any type of upgrades, perks and amenities. We will make the trip planning easy and stress free, provide free perks such as free breakfast, early check in, late checkout, room upgrades, reservations at the best restaurants, access to unique tours not available to the general public, champagne on ice with a welcome note from the manager of the hotel and rooms with the best views; all for the same price as an online booking with none of the perks. Once our clients experience working with Perfect Honeymoons, they never want to plan another vacation without our help.

Time Saver – We know how busy and strapped for time todays couples are (especially those planning a wedding) and most are juggling a full time job and family and really need someone to take the burden of planning the honeymoon off of their shoulders. Instead of aimlessly searching the internet for hours upon hours, call a Perfect Honeymoons travel consultant to schedule a meeting. We have been planning trips of a lifetime since 1989. We are professionals who will oversee every aspect of the trip from the moment you begin planning to the day you return home.

In The Know – We know all the new hotspots and trends in vacations and honeymoons. We plan over to 600 trips yearly and our travel consultants travel 7 to 12 times a year to new resorts and emerging destinations. We are the first to know about a new resort opening in Bora Bora or a new jeep safari tour in Patagonia. If you want to travel to some place your friends have never heard of and can’t find on a map, we can tell you all about it and get you in before it becomes the next “IT “place. [OU1]

Loyalty – We want you as a client for life. We want to help you celebrate all of lifes milestones! Your anniversaries, babymoons, family trips and birthday getaways. Think of us as your financial planner or favorite hairstylist. Once you work with us you will never desire to plan these experiences on your own or with anyone else. Let us use what we’ve learned about your preferences, interests, must haves and deal breakers to ensure that every vacation you take is a Perfect one!